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Currently an undergraduate at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Edmund Song is studying, with a full scholarship, under Guennadi Mouzyka. Edmund freelances regularly with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), re:Sound Collective and Metropolitan Festival Orchestra, where he got the opportunity to share the stage with world-class soloists and conductors locally and from aboard. Edmund loves to perform in various genres of music and was fortunate to be paired with the highly versatile Double Bass after learning the cello and piano. It is through this versatility that he was able to expand his musical portfolio into the Wind Symphony, Chinese Orchestra and Jazz literature as well. Edmund had also collaborated with several choirs in Singapore exploring early musical works to modern contemporary pieces.

Within the conservatory, Edmund participates actively in chamber playing with many instrumental combinations as well as the Double Bass Ensemble. He is expanding his musical perspectives through leadership with the Conservatory Orchestra’s Double Bass Section in addition to understanding New Music and extended techniques through OpusNovus (Conservatory’s New Music Ensemble). Edmund was also part of the Conservatory’s Baroque Ensemble, for two consecutive years, lead by Masaaki Suzuki presenting Historically Informed Performances.

Not restricting his music expression to double bass, Edmund has conducted ensembles and performed as a cellist, percussionist and piano accompanist on many occasions. He was also fortunate to have his arrangements and compositions be performed by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO), National University of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (NUSCO), Amalgamate^5 and Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra.

Edmund is also an active curator of concerts in Singapore where he organised formal performances and outreach activities of different levels and genres. In 2018, Edmund curated several big-scaled performances and projects with the National Arts Council, Esplanade, Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra and even cultural performances with Sing! China Finalist Olinda Cho. Edmund have also collaborated with Esplanade to organise projects for their HuaYi Festival, Moonfest and Beautiful Sunday Series.